The building, the people

About Us

by Tom Brosnahan,

The 19th Century Ottoman House

The Dersaadet (one of the many former names for Istanbul) has become one of the popular boutique hotels south of the Golden Horn for independent travellers. Dersaadet’s quaint wooden exterior and 19th-century French-influenced Ottoman decor recreate the charms of the Ottoman golden years. The 17 rooms, across four floors, are all comfortable, and some have good views over the Sea of Marmara. The finest accommodation room is the Sultan’s Suite, which has a hand-built wooden ceiling, big windows and jacuzzi. Sea view rooms also available. There is a pleasant rooftop breakfast terrace, with both indoor and outdoor tables, overlooking the Bosphorus. It is a superb spot for enjoying an afternoon coffee to the sound of classical music, only interrupted by the call to prayer at Sultanahmet Mosque and the squeak of canaries.

where we come from

Niles and Dersaadet Hotels

Hotel Niles Istanbul ( and Dersaadet Hotel Istanbul ( are two boutique, family run hotels of the Duyar family. Both Niles and Dersaadet Hotels are located in Istanbul’s old city. Hotel Niles is located in the Beyazit/Grand Bazaar area and Dersaadet is closer to the Blue Mosque. The two hotels are 15 minutes of walk from each other.

Hotel Niles Istanbul opened its doors  in 1987 and hosted a large variety of guests, from traders to travelers. It went through a major renovation in 2013 and now hosts guests in a traditional Turkish Style setting.

The buildings that Dersaadet now operates in were renovated from 1995 to 1997 as a hotel, in accordance with the architectural texture and structure of the building and the area it resides in. In an effort to protect the characteristics of the building and its harmonization with its traditional structure, some physical aspects of the Dersaadet Hotel look and feel different than those of a typical hotel, in size, form and layout.

Dersaadet and Niles are managed by members of the Duyar family, together with a group of keen tourism professionals – genuinely kindhearted people – who share the same philosophy of hospitality.

Sustainability / Sürdürülebilirlik

At the core of Dersaadet Hotel’s philosophy lies a fundamental emphasis on compatibility with and sustainability of local architecture, local and authentic life, and Istanbul’s architectural, social, and cultural tradition. One ultimate goal, in this regard, is to authentically reflect our cultural heritage in the interior and exterior design of our hotel. We aim to maintain a connection to its past and showcase its unique attributes to our guests.